What is an Inspection?

 WOOD  DESTROYING PEST AND ORGANISMS INSPECTION REPORT; Contains findings as  to the presence or absence of evidence of wood destroying pest or  organisms in visible and accessible areas on the date of the inspection  and contains our recommendations for correcting any infestations,  infections or conditions found.  Our reports are governed by the  Structural Pest Control Act and Rules and Regulations.  We are licensed,  bonded and insured per the Structural Pest Control Act.  We are a EPA  Lead-Safe Certified Company.

THE INSPECTION REPORT;  Our report is divided into 11 areas.  Hopefully making it easier for you to read and understand.
1.  Substructure Area- These findings are located in the subarea (under the house).  Item #'s start with 1A.
2.  Stall Shower-These findings are located in stall showers.  Item #'s start with 2A.
3.  Foundation-Item #'s start with 3A.
4.  Porches/Patios- Item #'s start with 4A. 
5.  Ventilation- Item #'s start with 5A.
6.  Abutments- Item #'s start with 6A.
7.  Attic- Item #'s start with 7A.
8.  Garage-Item #'s start with 8A.
9.  Decks- Item #'s start with 9A.
10. Other Interior-These findings are located inside the dwelling.  Item #'s start with 10A.
11. Other Exterior-These findings are located on the exterior of the dwelling.  Item #'s start with 11A.

Types of Inspections;
Original Inspection
Limited Inspection-inspection is limited to certain areas only.
Supplemental Inspections-issued when a further inspection is requested and/or while doing repairs on the original report, additional findings and found.
Reinspection-issued  when we have been asked to re-inspect others work from our report.   This must be performed within 4 months of the original report.

 Inspection is listed into 3 Categories
Section 1 items-Contains  items which there is evidence of active infestation, infection and/or  conditions that have resulted in or from infestations or infections.
Section 2 items-Conditions deemed likely to lead to infestations or infections, but where no visible evidence of such is found.
Further Inspection items-Recommendations  to inspect areas which during the original inspection did not allow the  inspector access to complete the inspection and cannot be defined as  either Section 1 or Section 2.